Each year, the Cerimon House Programming
TAKES ON an over-aLL theme for the 12 calendar months.

In 2017, our theme is

In an era when the world is so rife with conflict and all of the anxiety that can bring, we're opening-up the deeper conversations about "getting along" with one another. Might we all find each other on common ground, and be together to discuss the options? Shall we learn of each others' "otherness" and forge a plural path of interests? Our programming on the matter for 2017 includes speakers: George Nakata speaking about internment camps during WWII, Zach Krahmer sharing his stories of world travel to places of both conflict and peacemaking, artist Annette Sabater discussing her daughter's gender transition, Megan Cole performing a solo piece on isolation and emerging from the dark, and a playful nature labyrinth for kids to traverse - among other soon-be-scheduled events. We also have commissioned and are producing a play called Winter's Passage which treats on the themes of forgiveness and reunification (in March 2017 as well as November 2017.)

In 2016 the theme was HOME which explored what "belonging" might mean to us all? We discussed homelessness, diaspora, immigration, and how Home can be created, talked about, and shared. Our programming reflected the many prisms of what it is to seek a home. In 2015 our theme was RESTORATION and indeed we spent the year in the daily work of reconstruction and renovation, and reopened our building with The Restoration Celebration Grand Opening Gala.