The Creative Path


Labyrinths have intrigued human populations for centuries, and Cerimon House introduces a series of interactive workshops to explore this working metaphor. The Creative Path curriculum explores humanities-related subjects, and the study and use of our walking labyrinth - a beautiful 33 feet square floor tarp laid out in our main auditorium once a month - is a major part of the learning experience.

You can't get lost on a labyrinth - unlike mazes which are designed to "amaze or confuse" the seeker - for there is a forward path (with twists & turns, of course) and there is an arrival point at the center, a place of integration and calm. The Cerimon House labyrinth is an adaptation of the historic medieval Reims, France path which features five concurrent arrival points on the journey, designed by Randall Stuart, Jeff Seats, and Elecia Beebe. It is a dynamic tool for many interests: historical, meditation, resolutions, recovery, and creative development. Mr. Stuart, a lifelong student of culture, philosophy, and thanatology, is the author and curriculum developer for The Creative Path workshops, which will launch in 2018.