The Building


Cerimon House | Creating Space for a Renewed Humanity
Cerimon House is a place for the community to gather for creativity, curiosity & ceremony.

Founded in 2009, our events, classes, and celebrations are community-driven, and we follow a model much like that of the Circuit Chautauqua.

We have acquired a remarkable 90 year old assembly hall in the heart of the Alberta Arts District in Portland, and work to restore the edifice throughout 2014. To do this, we require financial contributions and welcome your tax-deductible pledges: a communal effort to bring even more life into the building.

Thank you for contributing towards the construction phase of this community treasure – located at the crossroads of NE 23rd Ave. & NE Sumner St. Please visit our Donate page to make a gift or monthly pledge.

It is the creative spark within you that will bring light and warmth into this house.