Cerimon House is run on people power.

The story of Cerimon House can be shared because of the generosity and dedication of good citizens
donating their time and resources to bring this community endeavor to life.
Within the epic tale after which we are named, there is a phrase uttered at a great moment of need:
"Make a fire within!" says the good-hearted Cerimon.
We thank everyone along the path who has believed in us, and helped us to ignite and illuminate the vision.


Founder & Executive Artistic Director: Randall Stuart   |    Operations Manager: Dianna Fontes
Large-scale Events Coordinator: Krystle Allen | Creative Path Walk Assistant: Emily de Lorimier
The Creative Path Walk Committee: Jo Pierce, Edye Allen & Team


Board Chair: Will Patton  |  Directors: Randall Stuart, Keith Pitt, Vicki Ambinder, Bobbie Calhoun


Kevin Yell (Board Emeritus), Sharon Nielson (Board Emeritus), Paul J. Susi (Board Emeritus)
Kristin Patton, Jennifer & Gregg Le Blanc, Molly Noble & Bob Guilbault,
Katie & Tom Burke, Kevin Miserocchi, Robin Chilstrom, Stephanie & Laura Mulligan

The Board of Directors and Resource & Advisory Council are citizens who, working collaboratively with founder Randall Stuart and the Board, strengthen and guide Cerimon House on its mission of creating a space for a renewed humanity. We are a diverse group of teachers, designers, citizen activists, community & business leaders, authors, philosophers, clergy, lawyers, architects, woodworkers, movement specialists, healers, puppeteers, poets, social workers, and more. 

actors at table copy.png


Thanks to Kevin Yell, Sharon Nielson, Gretchen Rumbaugh, Mark Schlemmer, Victoria Balenger, Joanne Fantozzi, Kelly Zakis, Jo Pierce, Matthew Sa, Paul J. Susi, Lily Burnett, Sean Blake, Joey Copsey, Jody Pollak, Kate Lacey, Elizabeth Cole, Robin Chilstrom, Judith Yeckel, Arwa Jumkawala, Melissa Magaña, Brian Gotts, and Reneé Devereux for all of the hard work in the developmental first years. And with an abiding thanks to the founding members of our Board in 2009: Gemma Whelan, Blaine Palmer, Vicki Ambinder, Kevin Yell, Desiree Fitterer, Caitlin Quinn, Doug Angel, Amanda Soden; and thanks to those who followed in their footsteps: Diana Boos, Lynne Foster, Susan Schwartz, Sascha Blocker, Sarah Gahagan, Darcy Molloy, Andreé Tremoulet, and Mariel Pastor.