Lysistrata Project Ten

Cerimon House is proud to have launched the 10th anniversary “call to action” of Lysistrata Project Ten. In 2003, World Citizens said “No” to an impending war, and for one powerful night (03/03/03) artists did stop it – with 1,029 readings of Aristophanes’ classic comedy Lysistrata. A decade later the wars rage-on, and we are ready to “act” again.

The bawdy Greek play tells it like it is. Pick up a script (local library), or find a great new adaptation out there on the web, then choose a date to gather and read the play aloud. Rally your creative peace troupes in a community gathering with cultural arts or spirit-based groups. Combine the event with a fundraiser for a local Peace organization.

Co-creators Sharron Bower & Kathryn Blume join Cerimon House in this call. 12 years ago these brave women proved that a loving plan could indeed save the world. There is Hope, and it is Artful. [Pictured: the 2003 reading at Berkeley Rep with 100 actors, directed by Randall Stuart.] Find/like Lysistrata Project Ten on Facebook, for updates.