Lily Burnett


Lily Burnett is the Administrative Coordinator at Cerimon House, as well as Assistant to Executive Director Randall Stuart. Ms. Burnett developed a love for the arts from a young age and earned her BA in Theater Arts from UC Santa Cruz. Combining this background in the Arts with her Capricorn-powered efficiency, Ms. Burnett runs the Cerimon House office, manages our Salons & Symposia events, organizes volunteers, and serves on multiple workgroups and committees. If you attend one of our events or have a Cerimon House question, you are bound to cross paths with Lily. Now in her third year with Cerimon House, Ms. Burnett is excited about the potential the organization is brimming with, and cannot wait to facilitate more salons, events, play readings, community meetings, rentals, conversations, and more within our newly renovated facility.