Lee, Adam & Sam | June 2012

(The Sons of Cain)
An evening of John Steinbeck

Meet the iconic Trask twins, their surrogate parent Lee, and witness their naming. A sharing of three sections from the classic Pulitzer Prize-winning novel East of Eden, adapted, directed and co-produced by Gilberto Martin del Campo.

In the signature style of our ongoing Salon Series, and featuring Dawn Lisell, Kevin-Michael Moore, Cassie Skauge, Paul J. Susi & Tom Walton – with music by Amaya Villazan & Craig Stewart.

75 minutes of rich American prose, presented at the Alberta Little Church in June, 2012.

One of our most popular Cerimon Salon events to date, we revived our artistic collaborator Mr. Martin del Campo’s sharing in September, 2012, where he added more elements, a touch of puppetry and an additional nugget of delight from the novel.

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