Cultural Initiatives

Over the years, we've sponsored or suggested "Initiatives"
WHICH are generated from the group mind of our colleagues,
and usually right here at Cerimon House.
IT's A WONDERFUL WAY TO ALL ACT TOGETHER, wherever we might be:
The initiative can be prACTICed anywhere.


A literature-inspired cultural initiative for the summer of 2018 through 2019.

In this particular summer of strange behaviors worldwide, let us return to the porch. 

For an hour each evening - after supper - this vigil helps you to unplug and reboot.
Put down the devices (and forgive the divisiveness) and observe the evening quiet.

We adore - and unabashedly exalt - the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel "A Death in the Family" by James Agee, and find within its pages the remembrance of a time past that yearns to be known again. And so: let us practice just that. Upon porches, doorsteps & quilts.





An in-house project at Cerimon House, coordinated by our wonderful Bay Area-based colleague Jennifer Le Blanc, and supported by our Textile Tuesdays programming. Hand-knitted scarves & hats are created and collected...then distributed to those in need of such warmth, and/or left in civic spaces. Whose scarf is this? Why, it’s yours, or yours to pass-on to someone who requires it. And it was lovingly hand-knitted by a crafty person. May it warm the cockles of your heart.