Cultural Initiatives

Over the years, we've sponsored or suggested "Initiatives"
that are generated from the minds of our colleagues, right here at Cerimon House.
IT's A WONDERFUL WAY TO ALL ACT TOGETHER, wherever we might be.


An essentially-healing and literature-inspired cultural initiative for the summer of 2018.
In this particular summer of strange behaviors worldwide, let us return to the porch. 

For a singular hour each evening after supper, this vigil means to help you to unplug and reboot. Put down the devices (and forgive the divisiveness) and observe the evening quiet.

We adore - and unabashedly exalt -  the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel "A Death in the Family" by James Agee, and find within its pages the remembrance of a time past that yearns to be known again. And so: let us practice just that. Upon porches, doorsteps & quilts.





An in-house project at Cerimon House, coordinated by our wonderful Bay Area-based colleague Jennifer Le Blanc, and supported by our Textile Tuesdays programming. Hand-knitted scarves & hats are created and collected...then distributed to those in need of such warmth, and/or left in civic spaces. Whose scarf is this? Why, it’s yours, or yours to pass-on to someone who requires it. And it was lovingly hand-knitted by a crafty person. May it warm the cockles of your heart.