Jan. 21:     Wayfinding
Feb. 18:     The Golden Rule
Mar. 18:     Spring Seeds
Apr. 15:     Earth Awakens
May 20:     Yes, You May
June 17:    Humor
July  15:     Caring & Compassion
Aug. 19:     Teaching
Sep. 16:    Harvesting
Oct. 21:      Voting
Nov. 18:    Giving & Forgiving
Dec. 16:    Light Is Returning
Dec. 31:    Hopes & Resolutions


finding the way forward...

Labyrinths have intrigued human populations since antiquity, and Cerimon House offers a contemporary and interactive adaptation of the historic pattern from Reims, France for the local community to traverse in a meaningful and meditative walk. You can't get lost on a labyrinth (unlike mazes which are designed to amaze-or-confuse) - there is only a forward path and an arrival point at the center. It is both intriguing and fun for those who are new to the experience, and familiar to well-practiced walkers.


This 33 ft. sq. design is on the floor of our main auditorium, and features five arrival points on the journey. (You might think of it as a personal map, or as a large-scale compass.) We create an immersive experience, featuring sound and lights and three dimensional "way stations". The walk takes 30 minutes, and we encourage you to then stay with us, to sip tea and to decompress. 

Each month there is a new theme/motif: the artful additions to our labyrinth providing further reflection on the greater human journey. Traversing the pattern is an activity that allows you to unplug, focus, restore and recalibrate.

SIGN UP for a walk here

The scheduling of your 30 minute session is easily completed online. (There are 8 available slots every 1/2 hour.)

The Creative Path Walk experience is suggested for those age 10 and above, and we will also plan to introduce an original Children's Labyrinth in 2018.

The $10 suggested donation goes towards the ongoing works of our nonprofit organization, and to the production and installation of the labyrinth.