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Lecture: "Portal: Black Holes & White Holes"


Cerimon House’s Liminal Space Society presents:

PORTAL: Black Holes & White Holes
with Susan Alexander

(Portal: We need a new myth for our culture.)

What is the sound of two black holes colliding?  And what are black holes anyway? This presentation will take you on a sound journey to experience this extraordinary event in our universe.  At the same time we’ll examine differing views of black holes from ancient sciences and current thinking. It’s not all doom and gloom…the overall theme is: transformation.  Please attend, and enjoy the ride.

Susan Alexander has presented this dynamic lecture in conference at The Labyrinth Society, as well as in Vienna and Budapest. The original sound design - which will be featured as part of the evening’s sharing - was featured in exhibits at various East Coast galleries in collaboration with sculptor Rebecca Kamen.

Standby for more information about all of the 2019 offerings from this educational group of colleagues who will be presenting on various “threshold experiences” including: crop circles, mandalas, cave paintings, the myth of the Minotaur, the ancient holiday of Portunalia, and an immersive labyrinth summer happening.