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Creative Path Walk: "Earth's Ecology"

"Earth's Ecology"

Saturday, April 20 & Sunday, April 21
between 1:00pm to 5:00 pm on both days

Large-scale walking patterns have captivated humans for thousands of years. Here at Cerimon House, we see the labyrinth as a signature image for our work in the community, especially during these times of dramatic change in the world. This unique path is a pleasing way to focus and move forward.  

Our walking pattern is a 33 foot square adaptation of the historic design from Reims, France. Similar to a large-scale compass, our attendees enjoy walking on the floor pattern to focus, unplug, restore, and recalibrate. Unlike mazes which are designed to amaze-or-confuse, you can't get lost on a labyrinth as it is unicursal: there is always a way forward, and an arrival point at the center.

The theme for the April labyrinth is "Earth's Ecology".
We celebrate all of the wisdom, blooming, and tremors of a Living Earth:
a planet has been ever-so-patient to have our species upon it.
Let's strive to be better visitors, shall we? 
Each Spring we bedazzle the labyrinth with living plants & flowers.

Preschedule your 30 minute walks between the hours of 1:00pm and 4:30pm.

* The Creative Path Walk on our labyrinth pattern takes 30 minutes, and we encourage you to then stay with us to sip tea, and to decompress.

* Our labyrinth is a shoe-free zone, so please do wear comfy socks.

* The experience is recommended for those age 10 and up.