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Creative Path Walk: Sunday, July 15

Creative Path Walk: "MIGRATION & SAFE WELCOME"
Sunday, July 15th
(between the hours of 12noon - 4:00pm)

* The Creative Path Walk on our labyrinth pattern takes 30 minutes,
and we encourage you to then stay with us to sip tea, and to decompress.
The community enjoys staying  in the sanctuary of the building for a while, to write and reflect.

Large-scale walking patterns have captivated humans for thousands of years. 
Here at Cerimon House, we see the labyrinth as a signature image for our work in the community, especially during these times of change in the world.
This unique path is a great way to focus and move forward.

We are especially moved to theme this month's walk in reaction to the deeply disturbing news of the treatment of families who are in the midst of their immigration challenges, and may have had their children taken from them and put in detention centers.
"Safe Welcome" is what any of us would wish for if we found ourselves in trouble.
The map that leads to safe thresholds & harbors is the noble path to honor and to know.

Our walking pattern is a 33 foot square adaptation of the historic design from Reims, France. Similar to a large-scale compass, our attendees enjoy walking on the floor pattern to unplug, restore, and recalibrate. You can't get lost on a labyrinth (unlike mazes which are designed to "amaze or confuse") - they are unicursal, and there is always a way forward and an arrival point at the center: a place of integration and calm.     

* Our labyrinth is a shoe-free zone, so please do wear comfy socks.

* The experience is recommended for those age 10 and up.

* This is a community activity offered throughout the year
on the Third Saturday & Sunday of  each month.