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Summer Solstice Eve: Triple Spiral Labyrinth

It's Summer Solstice.

Please join us for an artful and meaningful experience.
Return to the ancients, explore the ceremonies and rituals
of the Standing Stones, and walk the Triple Spiral path.

Discover the Summer Solstice as never before - in a presentation of ancient sites of Ireland and current archeological thinking. Explore Domberg Circle, Grange Circle, New Grange.

Experience ritual & ceremony, hear original composition, walk the triple spiral. Presented by priestess Sandra Walden and composer Susan Alexjander.

It's going to be historically hot today...
but may we boast that we have air conditioning? Come on in!

* * * * * * *

$20.00 - An event of the Liminal Space Society
Please reserve seats at:

Thanks to Anam Cara Connections for the use of the Triple Spiral Labyrinth.