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Cohort of Concordians

APOLOGIES! Due to an unforeseen and emergency memorial service, today's Concordians Meeting has been re-scheduled for next week: Tuesday June 26th at 4pm. Thank you so much for your understanding.

Cohort of Concordians

Cerimon House is located in the neighborhood of Concordia in Portland, Oregon,
and we celebrate nonviolence in our mission statement,
as well as focus on the many practical applications of Peace

in our humanities & cultural arts programming.

As a Cultural Initiative, we long to meet as many other Concordians as we can....
for these are times that long for Peace.

The Concordians Mission:
We are a group of citizens who are dedicated to activities that initiate Peace. We are assembling a harmonious "group mind" of colleagues to dialogue, and then move forward on nonviolent cultural initiatives: actions that speak to both local, national and world peace.
Cerimon House sits in the neighborhood of Concordia in Portland, Oregon. We tip our hats to the classical embodiments of Concordia, Harmonia, and Pax...and also mean to help Peace flourish in present time, through discussion-based programming and artful endeavors.

The Concordian Summer Youth Summit: 
To cultivate the next generation of peaceful citizens, Cerimon House offers a space and platform for students to convene for a summer of focus and creativity about the humanities and peaceful pursuits. A Core Council of older teens are selected to engage their peers through activities and actions that reflect the model of world peace.

2018: The Concordian Summer Youth Summit
Tuesday afternoons from 4:00pm- 6:00pm

Join community leaders for vivid discussions, and for the youth-driven solutions that can emerge from actually being together to think through Peace. 

The Initial "Think Tank" Meeting will take place on:
Tuesday, June 19th at 4:00pm

...and will involve citizens of all ages, after which the Youth Summit will commence and work on cultural initiatives of their own.

peace march.png

Cerimon House founder Randall Stuart is an educator, artist, and activist who's Peace efforts have included actions with the Agape Community of Puget Sound, and as producer and director of the world's largest theatrical rendition (at Berkeley Rep) of the "Lysistrata Project" in 2003, as well as the polemical peace comedy "The Inkwell Communiqués".