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Oregon Humanities Conversation Project


Oregon Humanities Conversation Project
Afternoon Conversations at Cerimon House:
Two Conversations, Back-to-Back! (Attend one or both.)

Brittany Wake (2:00pm)  &  Prakash Chenjeri & Fred Grewe (3:30pm)   
The Conversation Project brings Oregonians together to talk - across differences, beliefs, and backgrounds - about important issues and ideas. The goal is to connect people to ideas and to each other, not to push an agenda or arrive at consensus. We believe that conversation is a powerful medium to invite diverse perspectives, explore challenging questions, and strive for just communities.

Cerimon House is hosting a series of Oregon Humanities conversations, and we hope you will join us at one or all of these evenings. And we're trying something special: by bookending two dynamic conversations on the same day, you're able to take-in either or both of the topics. Here at CH, we believe in the power of conversation, and how actually being together in a room and discussing important topics of the day is a true boon to our civilization.


Most of us believe we are good people. But if we are all good people, with little room for fallibility, who are the people responsible for supporting structural oppression like racism, sexism, and heterosexism? If we hope to be “good,” what are our moral responsibilities in a society of privilege, power, and oppression? Join facilitator Brittany Wake in a discussion that explores the values associated with how we come to establish ourselves as good people and what that means for our potential complicity in perpetuating marginalization.

Brittany M. Wake is an equity, diversity, and inclusion trainer, consultant, and counselor specializing in multiculturalism. She is passionate about mental health and wellness, breaking barriers from marginalization, and healing trauma and she loves engaging in thought-provoking conversations that have the potential to move us all forward.

WHAT MAKES LIFE MEANINGFUL - Prakash Chenjeri & Fred Grewe

The question of what makes life meaningful has occupied human thinking for thousands of years. Religious leaders, philosophers, and scientists have pondered and offered an array of answers that are as profound, enigmatic, and rich as the question itself. Are we sparks of divine creation, or simply meaning-making creatures, or genes replicating themselves for no other purpose than adapting to our natural environment? This conversation with philosophy professor Prakash Chenjeri and chaplain Fred Grewe aims to engage participants in a thoughtful and meaningful discussion about this very human question.

Prakash Chenjeri is a professor of philosophy, chair of the Philosophy Program, and codirector of the Democracy Project at Southern Oregon University. While he teaches a variety of courses in philosophy and the Honors College, his primary research interests are political philosophy, scientific literacy and democracy, topics in philosophy of science, and issues in science and religion. He speaks on these topics in regional, national, and international forums. He has been a Conversation Project leader from its inception. He lives with his family in Talent, Oregon.

Fred Grewe is a board certified chaplain of the Association of Professional Chaplains with a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley. He is an ordained United Church of Christ minister working for Providence Hospice in Medford, Oregon. Fred’s book, What the Dying Have Taught Me about Living: The Awful Amazing Grace of God, was recently published by Pilgrim Press. His interest in working with the dying began in the early 1990s with the death of his best friend, who succumbed to AIDS.

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