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Creative Path Walk: March 17

March 17, 2019: "Spring Seeds"
 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm

Large-scale walking patterns have captivated humans for thousands of years. Here at Cerimon House, we see the labyrinth as a signature image for our work in the community, especially during these times of dramatic change in the world. This unique path is a pleasing way to focus and move forward.  Our walking pattern is a 33 foot square adaptation of the historic design from Reims, France. Similar to a large-scale compass, our attendees enjoy walking on the floor pattern to focus, unplug, restore, and recalibrate. Unlike mazes which are designed to amaze-or-confuse, you can't get lost on a labyrinth as it is unicursal: there is always a way forward, and an arrival point at the center.

The theme for the March labyrinth is "Spring Seeds". We celebrate growth and all of the seeds and thoughts that so courageously wiggle upward & forward, somehow knowing that there's always a "there-there". Seeds of change, seeds of knowledge, seeds of hope. (And then, of course, there is always the eccentric and emphathic focus of founding colonial planter Johnny Appleseed.)

From 12:00noon to 4:00PM

* The Creative Path Walk on our labyrinth pattern takes 30 minutes, and we encourage you to then stay with us to sip tea, and to decompress.

* Our labyrinth is a shoe-free zone, so please do wear comfy socks.

* The experience is recommended for those age 10 and up.

* This is a community activity offered eight times a year,
on the Third Sunday of the following months:
January & March in the Winter, April & June in the Spring,
July & September in the Summer, and October & December in the Autumn,
and the extremely popular New Years Eve (day) Walk. well as Seasonal Celebrations that feature our "Table Labyrinth"
on the Third Sundays of February, May, August & November


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