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Bower Power: Tree Planting Day

Bower Power: Tree Planting & Ecology

It's time to add more trees & flowers to our beautiful campus here in the heart of the Alberta Arts District. Our nonprofit humanities organization is in love with all living things (human and otherwise!) and so it's time to bring out the green.

Working with the local organization Friends of Trees our building will be a-buzz with volunteer gardening activities on the morning of March 10th. Friends of Trees is donating seven marvelous Alder Trees for our new bower on the front of the building. And we'd love your help us plant them (as well as our flower beds.) Thanks goes to Portland Nursery for allowing us a significant nonprofit discount as we acquire more flora for the effort. Can you donate to help us bloom?


We welcome your donation to our Spring Bower campaign. We hope to reach a goal of $1,750 for our landscape & beautification purchases. An average donation of $35 will help get us there, but every dollar helps and is deeply appreciated.
Will you join this marvelous bouquet of people? If so, a mailed check is preferred
...but you can easily donate here at the website as well.

Green is the scene...Bower has the power...Groves are groovy!
(Call out the ladybugs. Warn the worms. Bring your garden tools.)