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Gathering of Cascadians

  • Cerimon House 5131 NE 23rd Avenue Portland, OR 97211 (map)
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In an ongoing program of gatherings, the Gathering of Cascadians is established, and is proud to meet at Cerimon House, in both community spirit and in festive ceremony. People of all ages, from 4 to 104, were invited to gather at Cerimon House on Friday, April 22nd to celebrate Earth Day, participating in art and ceremonial activities designed to help us make a deep, personal connection with this place we call home and with the plants and animals who live here with us.

Highlights of the evening included: making species masks, sharing in a story that honors the natural history of our region, engaging with local naturalists and learning about the work of eco-innovators, giving voice to our individual dreams for this place we call home, and a showing of photographs that captured the nature spirits surrounding us.

The Gathering of Cascadians is adapted from the work of Joanna Macy and John Seed, who together initiated the Council of All Beings in 1985.  The foundation of this work is the belief that all of life is interdependent, an awareness rooted in indigenous cultural wisdom throughout the world.  The name Cascadia refers both to a bio-region and a movement within the environmental community.  Bio-regionalism is a way of living that encourages ecological sustainability specific to the unique region in which one lives.  Cascadia is a geographic area of interconnected natural systems encompassing the Pacific Northwest.

As citizens of this beautiful homeland, Cascadia, we have an open invitation to reconnect with our earth family every day.  Please join Cerimon House and Earth Arts NW in celebrating the power and possibilities of living in harmony with the earth, in what promises to be the first of many seasonal, community Gatherings of Cascadians.