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The Box Marked Black

The Interracial Family
Storyteller Damaris Webb shares her provocative and tender solo performance piece The Box Marked Black that speaks to the experience of race in America. Damaris’ deeply felt story shines a light on the subjects of community and multiculturalism in America.

This performance traces the experience of growing up mulatto in the pre-Huxtable era. With only Jenny Willis from The Jeffersons as a guide, Ms. Webb creates narrative from the perspective of both sides of her interracial family, embodying multiple characters and childhood memories (including a “Roots” sock puppet re-enactment.)

  “…inspires joy, pride, and wonder in our America. Webb can hold the audience close with just a whisper…”

What does it mean to be black? Is it the shade of your skin? The kink of your hair? Is it learned? What is its language, both in the body and on the tongue?

Later Event: February 19
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