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The One You Feed

Humans & Monsters May Bite

The new play The One You Feed by J. Pizarro, is a spine-tingling allegory of howling town-folk who are on-the-loose. A symposium The Beast Within followed the presentation, to discuss the escalating violence in our society, and how the Arts might provide viable and creative solutions.

This Cerimon House commission emerged out of a search for a modern American ghost story with a moral, and brought together a large circle of local artisans.

Direction by Randall Stuart, masks by Jane Clugston, musical score by Katy Stephan, photography by Travis Williams, and Art Show by Mr. Riddle

The ensemble included:
Gretchen Rumbaugh, David Buttaro, Cecily Overman, Dawn Lisell, Dave Bodin, Jennifer Le Blanc, Diana Boos, Gilberto Martin del Campo, Sascha Blocker, Lily Burnett, Kate Lacey, Cassie Skauge, Sean Lindsay, Aron Farrar, Jeffrey Gilpin

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