Sponsors & Benefactors

It is with an abiding thanks that we recognize all of the individuals, organizations, colleagues, neighbors, and volunteers who make Cerimon House such a special place in the Portland community and beyond. We look forward to many years of connection and participation with all of the family & friends that have made our organization so special. The humanities and cultural arts are emboldened by your generosity of spirit.

FOUNDING Benefactors

Merilee J. Bales, Kanbar Philanthropic Fund, F.A.O. Schwarz Family Foundation, The Bess Spiva Timmons Family Foundation, Ronni Lacroute, Ron Luebbert & Kristina Sanborn, Andy McCone Design, O.O. + L.E. Orrick Trust

SPONSORING Organizations & Foundations

Ronni Lacroute, Colavin Ortiz Giving Fund, The Tee & Charles Addams Foundation, Pomegranate Communications, Inc., Regional Arts & Culture Council, Work for Art, The Starseed Foundation, The Henry Lea Hillman, Jr. Foundation.


With thanks to the donors participating in our crowd sourcing fundraiser at the $1K level for a year. 
2016/2017: Kirsten & Chris Leonard, Megan Cole, Michelle Cowing, Ken & Anne Edwards, Doug & Mary Le Blanc, Kevin Miserocchi & Robert Klosowicz, Will Patton, Tomm & Barb Pickles, Kathleen Turco-Lyon, Kristina Sanborn & Ron Luebbert, Charlotte Colavin & Phil Ortiz…and your name here…


With thanks to the donors sponsoring the steps & landings of our newly built Third Staircase in a fundraising effort for our Capital Campaign.
LANDINGS: The H Group, Inc.  STEPS:  Sharon Nielson & Keith Pitt, Ron Luebbert & Kristina Sanborn, In Memory of Ben Carlson, Kevin Miserocchi & Robert Klosowicz, Ainsworth House & Gardens, Gregg & Jennifer Le Blanc, Doug & Mary Le Blanc, HUB Collective, Elizabeth Cole…and your name here…

OUR Very Special Thanks to the "Renovation Circle"

Merilee Bales, Molly Noble & Bob Guilbault, Gregg & Jennifer Le Blanc, Charlotte Colavin & Philip Ortiz, Alison & Charlie Moore, Larry & Jeanne Paulsen, Ron Luebbert & Kristina Sanborn, Constance Doolan, and Kent & Amy Patton

Additional Thanks to those who supported US IN our KEY first years

Andy McCone, Eliza Ladd, Amy Resnick & Lynn Webb, Tom & Katie Burke, Chris Lopez & Katie Ugolini, Will Goubert, Stephanie & Laura Mulligan, Matthew Sa, Floyd LaBar & Jeannette D'Antonio, Phil Stockton, and Lily Burnett...

...and a special "tip of the hat" to the founding members (2010-2015) of The Threshold Society:
Jim & Lucille Burke, Constance Doolan, Kelly Zakis, Charlotte Colavin, Tomm & Barb Pickles, Kristina Sanborn & Ron Luebbert, Sue Turner-Cray, Molly Noble & Bob Guilbault, William Zakis, Kathleen Turco-Lyon, Bill Geisslinger, Megan Cole, Paul Loomis, Kevin Yell & Bud Bowen, Blaine Palmer & Regina Tricamo, Susan Schwartz, Jennifer & Gregg LeBlancLinda Allen, Gemma Whelan & Adam Liberman, Gilbert Martin del Campo, Sharon NielsonThe Jablonski Book Group, Pat Scheans, Joanne Fantozzi, Kirsten & Chris Leonard, Will Patton, Mariel Pastor & David Lane, Ainsworth House & Gardens, Jeanne & Larry Paulsen, Kristin Patton & John Coleman & Katherine Coleman, Fay & Frank Putnam, Rändi Douglas, Norma Reich, Andrèe Tremoulet, Michael Winters, Emily Jane Dawson, Len & Susan Magazine, Ellen Margolis, Evelyn & Harold Thorne, Doug & Mary Le Blanc, Shirley Patton, Damaris Webb, Nicole Ansari Cox...and your name here...